“Come my children, listen to me. I will teach you the fear of the Lord.”   Psalm 34:11

Since 1993, Creekside Christian School has been dedicated to encouraging parents to teach, train, and equip their children in obedience to God’s Word.  Creekside began with two mothers' efforts to education their children as they felt directed by the Lord.

It is our desire to to teach our children to be effective in service and to fully worship our Lord Jesus Christ today and in the future, and to do the same as we lead by example.

Creekside is a K-12 private school satellite program (PSP) in compliance with California state law for private schools.  Families may enroll for the purpose of home schooling their children. Each family selects and purchases their own curriculum to comply with Creekside’s requirements, which are aligned with CDE guidelines.  Our high school diploma requirements are college prep.  The study of God's Word is required for all grade levels, including four years of high school.


Why enroll in Creekside Christian School PSP?

A family enrolled in Creekside Christian School PSP will receive all the benefits of enrollment in a private home-based Christian school, including:

Enrolled families are required to become members of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).  Enrollment in Creekside does not provide legal protection in the unlikely event representation is needed by a family.  Visit the Resources page for a link to HSLDA to learn more.  Discount rate provided through Creekside (enrolled families only).

Creekside also requires a signed Statement of Faith and biblically-based Code of Conduct.  We're happy to send either for your review prior to enrollment.  Please send email request.

To enroll visit http://https://bix-bee.org/creekside-christian-school/    Choose Premium Family Membership,  indicate Private School option, and select Creekside Christian